New hectic hangout

‘Newness’ is the quality of being new or original. And that’s definitely what Hectic On 3 wants to be for you!

HO3 is the ultimate tween space and we wants to continue doing things that show YOU our squad members how amazing life can be. The possibilities are endless! And the fun is never-ending!

We’re so excited to show you all the new additions HO3 hangout space

Hangout Couches

Hangout Couches

How cool does all of this look? And these couches are super comfy too! This will be where we have our Hectic Hangouts, chat to awesome guests and squad members and discover more about people and the world around us!


Game Day score board

Squad members, this is where all the fun and games happen! So obviously, Speech and I had to be the presenters who showed you this space!

We’ve got more games, bigger games, new games and even a GIANT scoreboard  

We’ve even got a Hectic Drop for our losing presenter to stand under on our Wednesday Game Shows!

Create Corner 

Dante and the create corner!

How amazing does the Create desk look?! We’ve got new shelves where we can put all our Creates and everything that we need to make them!

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m really excited for 2020! HO3 is only going to get bigger and better and more exciting!

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