Mistakes are a natural part of human nature, and Speech has got you covered with the correct way to apologize using the 4 part apology method! Being a good friend means learning how to deal with conflict in a healthy way. There are 4 ways you can go about apologizing to a friend or loved one.

Admit what you did wrong:
Take responsibility for what you’ve done. Your apology cannot be sincere unless you use the word “I” in your apology. By using “I” it shows that you’re taking ownership of your mistake. Your apology can sound something like this: “I acknowledge that I hurt your feelings when I spoke behind your back”.

Using the words “I apologize” is much more powerful than just saying sorry.
For example, saying “I apologize for hurting you and I realize that I may have put a strain on our friendship” is more specific and direct, than just saying sorry.

‘Make it right”
Ask the person or people affected by your actions, if there is anything that you can do to make the situation better. If they can’t think of anything, then come up with suggestions.

This part is very important squad members. It shows that you’re trying your best to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. For example, you could say something like “In the future, if someone tells me something untrue about you, I will come directly to you, instead of spreading rumors.”

Using the 4 part apology will make it clear that you know the part you played in hurting your friend and this will make you sincere and able to heal and mend your relationship with your friends

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