3 ways anyone can get into coding

Coding is a truly amazing thing and can be the entrance to a whole new world of technology. However getting involved can be daunting because you may not know where to start. But don’t worry squad members, Hectic on 3 has your back with 3 ways that anyone can get into coding.

  • Find a book on coding

Go to a library or ask your Technology teacher or elders to get you a coding book. A great and engaging book about coding will help you understand how coding works and what it’s all about.

Fun fact: Ada Lovelace, the daughter of the English poet Lord Byron, is considered to be the first computer programmer. In 1843

  • Play games and toys that encourage computational thinking-

We all know that we have different talents and career paths we would like to venture into when we are old, but coding games and toys will help us with breaking down problems in all aspects. This is because coding is about breaking down problems into steps to spot an error.

Fun fact: Most web pages are built using more than one programming language. An e-mail website, for example, is made with three programming languages: CSS.

  • Visit a coding group or community

In our communities we always have activities we take part in. find one that’s about coding to explore more on coding with people either in real life or online. It’s always better learning with other people because it’s a great opportunity to learn from each other.

Fun fact: Computer games are so popular that the games industry is now worth more than the movie industry!

Hopefully with these 3 simple tips all you squad members can experience the wonderful world of coding and start designing your own games and apps for you and your friends to play with. Why not share any other tips you have for others trying to get in to coding in the comments section?

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