3 iconic trees of SA

Arbour week is coming to a close squad members and to commemorate this green week let’s look at some of the most iconic trees you can find in South Africa. These trees have been part of SA’s heritage and culture for generations and need to be conserved and protected.

  • Leadwood tree

This tree is the tallest growing of the bush-willow family and has hairless twigs. These trees get their name from its heavy heartwood. The tree is protected in our country and can be found in other parts of the world from Kwa-Zulu-Natal through the Lowveld and the Northern Bushveld to our neighbouring countries Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Fun fact: Carbon dating has shown Leadwood trees can reach an age of 1000 years old

  • Marula tree

They are deciduous trees which mean they shed its leaves annually during the cold seasons like autumn. They grow on various types of woodlands on sandy loam soils. They also can be found in Ethiopia to Kwa-Zulu-Natal. The Marula fruit and leaves of the tree are edible and pretty yummy.

Fun fact: The lovely Marula trees provide flowers from September- November and bear fruit from January to March

  • Mopane tree

This tree has butterfly-shaped leaves which are bright green when they merge but turn into a kaleidoscope of autumn colours later in a season. The Mopane trees can be found in South Africa and some parts of Botswana and Namibia.

Fun fact: The Mopane tree is also known as the butterfly-tree because of its beautiful, butterfly-like leaves

Aren’t these trees amazing squad members?  As South Africans it’s our responsibility to preserve these national treasures so kids in the future can see the beautiful butterfly tree leaves and taste the Marula fruit for themselves.

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