Dante shares the meaning of caring

What it means to care

It’s CARE WEEK and it’s important to understand what caring is. That is why here on HO3, we want to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself.

Caring is showing kindness and concern for others.

To get a better understanding of care squad members lets thing of people as flowers. Like flowers people comes in different colours, scents and looks. So imagine that these flowers represent the
different people in our lives. Some are friends, family, classmates, teammates and some are even strangers. Each of them play different roles in our lives. What would happen if you only choose to water some and neglect the others? They would dry out and die.

Which is why it’s so important for us to take care of not just the people in our lives but the people around us. To shower everyone with love and kindness through small acts of kindness. Like helping your classmate with their homework, helping your mom tidy the house and even small words of encouragement to your teammates. A little act of kindness goes a long way and can help maintain or build relationships and stronger bonds! Even showing kindness toward a stranger by complimenting them or offering help when you see they need it.

Giving is always better than receiving. And to give doesn’t have to involve gifts or presents.: You could give your time and attention, to lend a helping hand and to simply be there for whoever needs you. Same way as you take care of flowers, you are giving your time and giving your attention so that they can grow healthy. When you feed people with positive words and through acts of
kindness and showing them that you care, you are helping them grow to
feel loved.

So squad members we want to challenge you to do 3 acts of kindness to 3 different people everyday for the rest of this week. One can be your parent andguardian, Another one can be a classmate or a teacher and one has to be a stranger.

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