What is sexting

What is sexting? If you own or someone close to you has a smartphone you’ve probably heard of sexting. Sexting is when you send or receive a message or image that has sexual content like a nude picture, sexy words or a video. While sexting may seem like harmless fun it can have a lot of negative and unwanted effects. That is why squad members, it is important to know your boundaries and your rights.

Here are some of the consequences of sexting:

  • Taking, sending or receiving a sexy image of a person under 18 years is illegal – even if it’s of yourself!
  • If you are under 18 and recieve a sexy image from someone that person can get into trouble.
  • If you or the other person is under 18 you could end up in trouble with the law as it can be considered ‘image based abuse’
  • When you send a nude photo of yourself to someone, what happens to it and where it goes next is often out of your control…

“It’s not ok for somebody to pressure you into sexting. Talk to Kids Helplineor a guardian and they’ll help you figure out what to do.”

What to do if you get a sexy image sent to you?

  • Don’t forward it to anyone. Never share the picture with anyone
  • Delete the message or picture
  • Report the image (if it’s online) so it can be removed
  • Tell the person not to send anymore
  • Block their number/account
  • Make a report to your mobile phone company if they don’t stop
  • Tell your guardian/parent or someone your turst

Here’s what to do if your image gets shared online:

  • If you’re under 18 report it toc hildline or the police
  • Tell a teacher if the person who shared/posted it is from your school
  • Untag yourself from the photo
  • Report the image so it can be removed
  • Report the person who posted it
  • Talk to someone you trust like a friend, parent, counsellor or teacher

It is important that you are careful with the usage of your phone. Be responsible when handling your or your parents’ phone.

“Think before you post, chat, upload or download.”

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