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What is Consent?

This week on Hectic On 3 we look at what consent is and how we as squad members can set boundaries for ourselves. There’s an important word to understand in all of this, squad members: CONSENT.

Consent means that both people are willing to take part in an activity or behaviour – and they’ll express their consent by saying “Yes, that’s okay with me.”

But just because someone says yes to one thing, doesn’t mean they have agreed to another. And we all have the right to change our minds at any time. And just because someone doesn’t say no, doesn’t mean that
they’ve given their consent or said yes.

Only yes, means yes! Silence does NOT mean consent.

What consent looks like:

  • Mutual – You both need to agree, every single time.
  • Freely given – A choice you make without pressure, guilt or threats.Informed. You understand what’s about to happen or what is asked.
  • Certain & Clear – It’s a YES, not a ‘maybe’ or ‘I think so’ or ‘I guess so’.
  • Enthusiastic – You are excited and WANT to do what is asked.
  • Reversible – You can stop or change your mind at any time. If you feel uncomfortable or have changed your mind you can say no.
  • Specific – Saying yes to one thing doesn’t mean yes to everything.
  • Ongoing – You need it before and during any activity.

Consent needs respect and communication. In all our friendships and relationships, we should never be
forced to do anything or feel pressured into acting a certain way. True friends will respect what makes you feel comfortable and uncomfortable.

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