Top 5 monuments in SA

It is holiday time squad members and you know what that means, fun in the sun, playing in the pool, picnics in the park and sometimes a trip somewhere cool and interesting. So to close off Heritage Month here’s a list of the top 5 monuments in SA that you can visit during the holiday season.

The Nelson Mandela Statue

If you are in or around Pretoria, take a trip to this amazing statue outside the Union Buildings. The statue is made of bronze and was built by only 2 sculptors in 2013. This amazing monument stands proudly at 9 meters tall, weighs about 3.5 tons and is really a sight to see.

Fun fact: The statue symbolizes Madiba’s vision for the future of SA

The Multicultural Man Statue

For all you squad members in East London in the Eastern Cape, think about checking out this awesome 1.5 metre tall metal statue. The statue was built in 2006 and is one of 5 other Multicultural man statues in Canada, Australia, China and Bosnia.

Fun fact: This statue along with the other 4 represent peace, cultural diversity and humanity with the man in the center building the world in which we live

The Freedom Charter Monument

Completed in 2005 and located in Kliptown in Soweto, this brick monument was built on the spot the freedom charter was adopted in 1955.

Fun fact: The monument was actually built from old bricks from Sapphire Town

The Diamond Diggers Monument

You guys probably all know about the Big Hole in Kimberley in the Northern Cape but do you know about this awesome 3.5 meter Bronze statue that goes along with it? It was completed in 1960 to honour the people who pioneered the diamond mining industry in SA.

Fun fact: The statue stands as a symbol for success, hard work and good government

National Womans Monument

The oldest monument on our list, built in 1913 in Bloemfontein in the Free State. This incredible sandstone monument stands at a whopping 35 metres tall and was dedicated to the nearly 20 000 women and children who died in prison camps during the South African war.

Fun fact: This is the first monument to be dedicated to women and children in the entire world

Wow what amazing monuments we have in our beautiful country squad members. How many of them did you already know about and which ones have you seen before or are planning to see now that you know about them? Let us know in the comments below.

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