The 5 types of bullying

Bullying is a serious issue all over the country and world squad members. It can take many different forms as there are many different ways you can get bullied. In order to stop bullying we need to be able to identify it in all its different forms so here are the 5 different types of bullying.

  • Physical bullying

The most common and well-known kind of bullying is called physical bullying. You have probably all seen it happen at least once. When one person targets another repeatedly with a negative physical interaction like; a punch, pinch or push, etc, it is physical bullying.

  • Verbal bullying

Verbal bullying includes teasing, making jokes at someone’s expense, name calling, etc. It can often start off harmless but escalate and sometimes the bully can be unaware of the harm they are actually doing to others. Verbal bullying can be incredibly destructive and you should try to stop it whenever you see

  • Social bullying

This one can be more difficult to identify because it is indirect bullying and happens behind a person’s back. Things like; spreading rumours or embarrassing information about another person can really make them feel terrible and ruin their reputation, this I social bullying.

  • Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is kind of a mix of social and verbal bullying except it happens exclusively online. Sending someone nasty or rude messages or posts in order to make fun of them, make them feel insecure or sad are ways people get cyber bullied and since it happens online it is easier to spread and can allow the bully to remain anonymous.

  • Sexual bullying

Sexual bullying happens in connection with a person’s sex, body, sexual orientation or with sexual activity. This can be physical, verbal, or emotional. It includes unwanted touching, comments about someone’s body, sexual pressure, and sharing nude photos without someone’s approval or knowledge. Squad members, your bodies are yours. No one has the right to touch your inappropriately or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.

All 5 of these types of bullying are horrible and can cause lasting physical, psychological and emotional damage to the person being bullied so please squad members, if you see bullying happening in any of its forms put a stop to it or tell someone like a parent or teacher who can.

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