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We’re talking about consent and body safety rules you, squad members, need to know! No one is allowed to your body without your permission and on HO3 we share 5 very important body safety rules you and people around are supposed to follow.

Here are the 5 body safety rules:
The first rule is: My body is mine and belongs to me. You can say ‘no’ if you don’t want anyone touching, hugging, or kissing you. This includes family, friends, and strangers, and it’s important that you should never feel bad for saying no.

The second rule is: I have a safety network. A safety network is 5 adults you trust and feel safe and feel comfortable with.

The third rule is Early warning signs: If you are in a situation where your stomach may feel uneasy, or you’re starting to sweat and you feel unsafe or frightened, these are all early warning signs also known as EWS. When you have these feelings, immediately talk to an adult in your safety network.

The fourth rule is Secrets. You should never keep secrets that make you feel uncomfortable. If your friend has told you to keep a secret, but the secret makes you feel scared or uncomfortable, you need to tell an adult immediately. Your friend may be upset at the moment, but it will help them in the long run.

The final rule is Private parts. Your private parts are the parts on your body underneath your Swim shorts or bathing suit. No one can ever touch it without your permission and no one can send you pictures of theirs without your permission (and squad members you should never ask for a picture of someone’s private parts.)

These are some simple tips that are going to keep us safe.

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