Author at 7 years old

At 7-years-old most children are spending time, playing outside, reading, drawing and watching their favourite shows, like Hectic On 3, but not for Michelle Nkamankeng, who in 2016 at just seven, became the youngest African writer to date. Her achievement ranks her among the top 10 young authors globally.

The Gauteng-based writing prodigy began reading at four, and by her fifth birthday, after a beach vacation with her family, was inspired to write her first book, the self-published Waiting for the Waves.

Waiting for the Waves is about a little girl named Titi who is having fun with her family at a beach resort but then she has a gnawing fear of waves. With the help of her family, she manages to overcome this great fear and subsequently enjoys the beauty of nature. This is a sweet story of overcoming fear, fostering courage and embracing confidence.

As is the norm, reading and writing always go hand in hand.”

Michelle says that she loved reading from the age of four and developed an intense liking for writing as well. She expresses her belief that people can start educating themselves by just reading. She remarked, “Reading exposes our mind to different cultures and languages of the world.

You can still write books in your own language, it does not have to be English. Great leaders became great because of the inspiration they got from reading books. “

When she grows up Michelle wants to be a paediatrician and believes that her journey has already started. Michelle’s family has been very supportive of all she has done and accomplished.

Since then she has written many more books; The Little Girl Who Believes in Herself, The Little Mouse, and The Golden Ring.

Currently, Michelle is 9 years old and has been the voice for many young readers and dreamers, taking part in the SA National Book week Panel, this past September.

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