Not only is it important to make friends, but it’s important to make healthy friendships with good qualities! Good friends are good for your health! They can boost your happiness, reduce some of your stress and improve your self-confidence.

To show the importance of having good friends we are going to use naartjies! Yup, you read that right!
You will need:
● 2 naartjies (one that has been peeled and the other that hasn’t)
● 2 cups of water

The naartjie that has been peeled represents unhealthy friendships. Perhaps your friend lies to you or you speak about them behind their backs.
On the other hand, the naartjie that hasn’t been peeled presents healthy friendships, where you trust one another, respect, love and uplift each other.

Life is filled with so many unexpected ups and downs and it’s important that you have friends that will support you. For example, if you put the peeled naartjie in the water, you will see that it sinks immediately, This is what happens when you don’t have a good support system or unhealthy friendships. You don’t have people around you that will do whatever they can to uplift and encourage you.

But if you drop in the naartjie that hasn’t been peeled, you will see that it immediately floats to the top.
And this is what happens when you have good friends in your life! They’re there when we go through difficult phases in life, they’re a shoulder that we can cry on and someone that we know will always have our back!

Some of the qualities that you should look for in friends are loyalty, someone that is respectful, dependable and just someone that you want to spend your time with! Friends are the family that we get to choose and what a beautiful gift it is!

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