Sometimes you may find yourself feeling annoyed or irritated and before you act on those feelings you need to HALT:

  • H – Ask yourself if the reason you’re feeling annoyed is due to being hungry. Have you ever heard of the word ‘hangry’? This is a combination of ‘angry’ and ‘hungry’. when we’re hangry we can act impulsively, have a bad temper and just an overall sense of grumpiness.
  • A – Maybe you’re angry. Is the anger that you feel a result of stress or because of someone’s actions? Find out what it is that is causing your anger, and look at ways to get rid of the anger.
  • L – Are you perhaps lonely? There’s no single cause of loneliness—you may be feeling isolated because of a recent change, like a move to a new town, or because of something like social anxiety. Acknowledge your loneliness and look at ways to improve it. Start small, make a list of 5 people that you go to when you’re feeling lonely, and slowly start to increase that number and you will see that you are not as alone as you thought.
  • T – Are you tired? Have you had enough rest and have you given your body necessary breaks? How do you energise yourself? Maybe it’s going for a walk or eating something nutritious.

When you take all of these factors into consideration, you may find the root of your annoyance or irritability, and instead of acting out in a way that you may regret later on, you are able to take control and understand why you’re feeling the way that you are and deal with the root of the problem. Taking a moment to HALT is one of the best things you can do for your overall mental and physical health.

Just remember to HALT
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