Fear, good or bad?

Fear gets a really bad rep nowadays. You might be made fun of for being afraid or getting a fright but really there is nothing wrong with that. Fear is natural and in case you squad members don’t remember it is part of the 6 basic emotions along with anger, disgust, surprise, happiness and sadness that influence the decisions we make.

Fear plays an important role in keeping us away harmful situations and helping us decide when to get out of situations that are not necessarily the best for us. Kind of like Spiderman’s Spidey sense alerts him to danger but on a smaller scale.

Fear or nerves can also sharpen your senses and help you perform better by letting you feel the pressure of what you’re doing. Some people even enjoy that feeling of a mix of fear and excitement, that’s why we have horror movies, horror books and haunted houses at carnivals and why we love Halloween, aside from all the sweets of course.

 Not all fear is exciting and fun though. Sometimes when you think you’re in real danger your body will react with a fight or flight response. This response refers to the 2 options we have when dealing with stress; either fight, meaning deal with the problem however you can or flight which means leave the situation altogether.

Phobias are similar to fears except they are irrational fears that cause the worry a person with a phobia experiences to be so strong that it interferes with their ability to function. So the main difference between fears and phobias is the fact that fears can be rational and can actually help us survive like the fear of running into the street without looking or jumping from high up because it is dangerous.

In any case squad members it is important to remember that fear is natural and can be used to stay safe as long as you don’t let it control you and you realise what you should and shouldn’t be afraid of. Let us know in the comments how you deal with being afraid.

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