Speech talks about bursting stereotypes

Bursting Stereotypes

On HO3, we are all about learning new things, and that is why we are looking at what stereotypes are, and how to get rid of them, which is why today we’ll be doing a cool demonstration called BURSTING STEREOTYPES!

But first, we need to understand what stereotypes are. Stereotypes are generalised beliefs or ideas about a particular group of people. Oftentimes these beliefs and ideas are offensive and hurtful to people. And what that means, squad members is judging a book by its cover. Now that we have a better idea of what stereotypes are, let’s jump right into “bursting stereotypes”

Oftentimes these beliefs and ideas are offensive and hurtful to people.

Many stereotypes are negative and can cast people in a bad light, such as assuming that certain people are lazy, criminals or poor because of the colour of their skin or where they are from. Some seem positive, such as assuming that people are athletic, religious or musically inclined. Others are just neutral such as assuming that people eat certain foods or share similar hobbies. But all of them are harmful.

When one group is given special privileges or has opportunities taken away just because a certain belief spreads about them, it limits their social, educational, and career opportunities. For example, if a certain race is thought of as “lazy” or “uneducated,” a potential employer is more likely to pass over someone’s resume just by looking at their name, completely ignoring the qualifications they can bring to the role.

Here are some of the impacts stereotypes can have

  • They Divide
  • They Create Fear
  • They Limit Opportunity
  • They Ignore Real Problems
  • They Give Us Excuses To treat someone badly

Avoid Stereotyping in General

It is normal to stereotype, after all, no matter how open-minded we are, squad members, we all have unconscious biases. But imagine being judged and placed under a label before someone has gotten to know you can be unfair. In this era of social acceptance, we need to take a better stand towards maintaining pleasantries in a student community.

Don’t live in the shadow of your stereotype. Look at the world around you with your own eyes. Make judgements based on your own experience. Live on your own terms.

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