Speech with an example of some braille

Braille in our everyday lives

Have you ever paid attention to the little dots on certain surfaces in our everyday things? The world has come a long way in trying to be inclusive and accessible for people living with disabilities but how accessible is it? As able people how many of these technologies do we notice in our everyday lives? Well, we look at the many places you can find braille incorporated in everyday things that you might not notice.

A Braille is the system of raised dots used for reading and writing by people who are blind or severely visually impaired.

Braille has changed the lives of many visually impaired people. It gives thousands of people independence, the ability to learn, literacy, and the enjoyment of reading. Braille opens doors and gives hope and inspiration.

The use of braille goes beyond just reading books, it can help with things like dialling a phone number to checking a bank statement. Knowing how to readbraille helps blind people become independent in so many ways every day and reduces the need for support.

Here are just some of the places you can hope to find braille:

  1.  Public bathroom signs
  2.  Door numbers to places like doctors’ offices and hotels
  3.  Braille labels on credit or bank cards, library card, insurance card etc
  4.  On elevator panels
  5. Labels on some makeup products, labels and bottle of some of the things in the kitchen like cleaning stuff in my kitchen
  6. At the pedestrian traffic lights

There is still a lot that needs to be done to continue making the world we live in more accessible to the disabled community, but you can start showing solidarity by teaching yourself anything as simple as sign language or braille, taking note of the things around you.

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