Be a Female Cricket Player

Hectic On 3 celebrated women’s month along with the rest of South Africa and looked into powerful inspiring and superwomen. These women can be our moms, sisters, aunt, grandma or teacher. Superwomen can also be sportswomen who have inspired you.

South Africa cricket team

That’s right! Superwomen such as South Africa’s female cricket team. These sportswomen are showing girls from all corners of the world that with the right attitude, they can do anything. What’s even more inspiring is that, apart from being outstanding sports players, they’re also rising as role models, national heroes and inspirational sporting champions. The very first television commercial for the Momentum Proteas has launched and using the hashtag #alwaysrising, it celebrates every young girl who shares a love for cricket.

It’s something we love to do, even though some people say it’s not for us. And that doesn’t make it easy, but we do it anyway,

The South African girls hail from all walks of life and are determined to play the sport they love. This video’s underlying message is that anyone, regardless of age or gender, can do anything and be anything, with the Proteas team testament to that. Just like the team, these young girls are #alwaysrising.

So girls know that you can be anything you want to be and no door, sport or career is too far out of reach and you can do anything the boys do and do it better. You are a superwoman and women’s month celebrates you!


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