mood journal/diary

Mood Journal

With puberty comes a lot of changes and a lot of mood swings as well and a good way to deal with that is by keeping a mood journal. A mood journal can help you squad members to observe the differences you feel and it can help you to map it out.

5 reasons to keep a mood journal:

1. Understand your moods

It’s normal and okay to be “moody” and feel strong emotions, but not dealing with your emotions can use a lot of energy.

Our healthy “default mode” is to have a more fluid change of moods.

my mood path

A mood journal can help you put into words what you are feeling and even help you understand why you are feeling that way.

2. Understand Yourself

When we’re in a bad mood, all we want to do is crawl in bed but we have to force ourselves to do something that we like, like our hobbies because they can put us back in a good mood.

With a mood diary, you can start to see the changes in your mood and then track the difference you feel from before your hobbies and after . This can be very motivating because it can encourage you to see the impact you have on your own mood.

3. Detect distress

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